• Watch the sunrise and enjoy special tea meals at Alishan
    Xiding, Fanlu Township, Chiayi County (Yauvakaz’na- Aboriginal Tsou language, means a gathering place for many animals) is 1,200m above the sea level and is one part of Alishan Scenic Area. It is a famous production origin for tea and is the important spot of southern part of Alishan The Road to Tea which attracts a lot of foreigners in recent years.
    Xiding’s Bed & Breakfast- Journey along tea gardens
    Sheng Li Nong Chang is established by the couple Huang, Chang-Hao and Guo, Meng-Ci, the second generation of Sheng Li Tea Factory. The owner Mr. Huang grows up in Xiding and is familiar with local history, culture, industry and tourism information. When he is available, he would personally lead the visitors to several attractions.
  • B&B Scenery & Nearby Attractioins

    Come to Alishan for watching the sunrise, visiting tea gardens, savoring tea or a memorable night scene, the best choice is to stay at Sheng Li Nong Chang.
  • Japanese Style Double Room

    Sheng Li Nong Chang provides a comfortable space where you can have a hot Arabica coffee while enjoying the beautiful sunrise, night scene or the tea garden scenery.
  • Japanese Style Quad Room

    Sheng Li Nong Chang is beneath the scenic view restaurant and its rooms are Japanese style rooms which are built by logs. Imported latex mattresses are used to give guests a good night sleep. Extra beds are provided for big families or groups of people.
  • Lounge View

    Look out from the Lounge, it is spectacular mountain views. You can see Dong Shui Mountain, Ding Ben Zi Mountain, Xiang Yang Mountain, elephant Mountain and the far main peak of Jade Mountain.
  • Book for Special Tea Meals

    When you come to Sheng Li Nong Chang, you can see tea garden scenery, savor high mountain tea and enjoy booking only menu-less special high mountain tea meals.
  • Popular Ice/Hot Tea Bags

    Portable tea bags include popular Alishan black tea, Alishan green tea and Alishan oolong tea. The packed way is high level of nitrogen filling and high cost to ensure the quality of tea. The long design could let you easily make ice tea with bottles.
    • Xiding’s B&B, Alishan- Sheng Li Nong Chang

      ~Watch the sunrise, journey along tea gardens, the scenic trail and Chai Li Won’s shooting scenes at Xiding~

      Opening Hours: Mon to Fri only for booking, Sat & Sun 9:00~21:00

      Nearby Attractions:
       Watch the sunset & clouds, tea gardens, scenic trail, Eryianping Mountain Trail, Light in clouds, Yuyupas, Ding-Shihjhuo tea picking area and Fenchihu

      Booking for special tea meals
       Menu-less restaurant/ NTD 350 p/p
       Booking only Min. 2 p to Max. 40 p
       Using local ingredients, seasonal mountain vegetables, no MSG and menu-less

      ◎More information about Sheng Li Nong Chang and Alishan Tea:
      【2013 Alishan Tea Competition】:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUo96FaU5BQ
      【Chai Li Won’s CF】:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ts7plQkr5k

      ‧Japanese Style Double Room: CNY NT$2,800/Weekends NT$2,600/Weekdays NT$2,000
      ‧Japanese Style Quad Room: CNY NT$3,600/Weekends NT$3,300/Weekdays NT$2,600
      ‧Japanese Style Four People Suite: CNY NT$4,200/Weekends NT$3,800/Weekdays NT$3,000
      ‧Charge for extra bed: NT$800 p/p
      ‧Weekends include Friday & Sat night, consecutive holidays & public holidays
      ‧Imported latex mattresses are used
      ‧Check-in from 15:30 & Check-out before 11:00
      ‧Accommodation includes Chinese and Western style breakfast, visit the tea garden and self-serve tea making
      ‧Pets are not allowed in the room

      【Remittance Information】
      ‧ B&B Reservation: 05-2586785、0920-249108 Chang-Hao Huang
      ‧Reservation Deposit: NT$1,000 per room. Please phone to confirm after remittance.
      ‧Remittance Account: Post office code: 700/Account number: 0051181-0255420/Account name: 郭孟慈

      【Special Souvenir: Home delivery service is provided】
       *Alishan Oolong Nougat (300 G)/ NT$200 (per box): contains no preservatives, made by our own oolong tea and it is ok for lacto vegetarians
      *Alishan Handmade Black Tea Biscuits (250G)/ NT$150 (per packet)
      *Self-made Alishan Coffee/ NT$1,600 (1 pound) (Homegrown Arabica beans at over an altitude of 800 meters of Alishan)
      【Popular Tea Bags: Home delivery service is provided】 (Each packet is high level of nitrogen packaging)
       *Alishan Black Tea/Box
       *Alishan Green Tea/Box
       *Alishan Oolong Tea/Box
       20 packets/Box/NT$200 Free delivery if ordering more than 10 boxes & cash on delivery
       Order Hotline: Sheng Li Nong Chang 05-2586785/ Meng-Ci Guo 0921-200841
       ※Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea (spring/winter tea)
        High Mountain Oolong Honey Tea (One of our popular products)

      ◎FB: Fan Page of Sheng Li Nong Chang: https://zh-tw.facebook.com/ShengLiNongChang
       Daily Stories: http://photo.xuite.net/foxmulder093

       ◎Driving Information: National Highway 3 exit at Zhongpu Interchange→Provincial Highway 18 (Alishan Highway) →It takes about 60 mins to arrive.
       ※Do not exit at Meishan or Zhuqi Interchange, it will take longer.
        Coordinates: Longitude 120° 39′51〞Latitude 23° 25′54〞
       ◎Public Transportation:
      Chiayi Train Station→Chiayi Bus get off at “East Xiding”→Walk for 150m then arriving Sheng Li Nong Chang. (Check online for the bus timetable of Chiayi County)
      It takes about 80 mins drive from Chiayi City to Xiding. Chiayi County bus route includes “Chiayi-Alishan,” “Chiayi-Fenchihu” & “Chiayi-Dabang”
       ◎By THSR:
      THSR Chiayi Station→Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus and get off at “East Xiding”→Walk for 150m then arriving Sheng Li Nong Chang. (Check online for the timetable of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus)
      It takes about 80 mins drive from THSR Chiayi Station to Xiding.
    • 營業電話:05-2586785
      營業地址:嘉義縣番路鄉公田村 隙頂9之2 號(阿里山公路56km)
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